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With the rory being the master thing, theres also the fobwatch on the kitchen table in the power of 3

Holy shit there is! You have good eyes, my friend. I have been doubting the theory more and more lately, but why else would Moffat throw in a random fob watch?

For anyone curious, it shows up about seventeen minutes in, and is actually in the bedroom with Amy.

So is Rory Williams actually the Master?

It has come to my attention that there is evidence that Rory Williams, from Doctor Who, may turn out to be the Master.  First off, I’m a little pissed at myself for not picking up on it.  Second off, the evidence is in fact a bit compelling.  Here is at least some of that evidence:

-Rory showed no surprise to the TARDIS being bigger on the inside.  This is invariably the first thing that people tend to be shocked by.

-Rory has died and died and died again, once even being erased from the entirety of space-time.  He always comes back.

-In “The God Complex” Rory is the only one who does not have a room filled with his fears.  When the Doctor opens the room with HIS fears, hesays “Of course it was you.” and we hear the TARDIS distress signal, which was only ever heard before when the Master stole the TARDIS.

-Most compellingly, I think, is that in “Lets Kill Hitler,” when River Song regenerates in front of them and Rory is for the first time exposed to raw time energy, he immediately complains about a “Banging in my head.”  The Master has always heard the sound of drums in his head.  Moffat does not throw shit like that out pointlessly.

-Rory’s daughter, River Song, is half-Time Lord.  I was always a bit suspicious about the explanation that it was because she was conceived in the TARDIS during midflight through the Time Vortex.  As many characters made a point of mentioning, it really isn’t that easy to make a Time Lord.

-Finally, we never really got a good explanation as to how the cracks in the skin of the universe formed.  We know they are closely related to Amy Pond.  We know Rory is also.  The Master was presumed dead, how else would he get back?

So basically there are two possibilities here:  Rory Williams is just Rory Williams, or Rory is the fucking Master.  We all knew the Master would return eventually, so I suspect the latter.  I can’t believe I have to wait until fall for this to be resolved.